The Wrong Decision At The Wrong Time

As the mullahs in Iran consolidate their grip on power, America is planning to send an Ambassador to Syria (President Bush withdrew our Ambassador after the Syrians were linked to the car-bomb assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri).

The Washington Post notes this change in diplomatic policy in its Embassy Row column this morning.  Little Green Footballs has a longer post. 

This is another example of overlooking the fact that a government sponsors terrorism.  Syria has sponsored terrorism in Lebanon and throughout the Middle East.  To extend the hand of friendship to them is unwise for two reasons–it says in so many words that American does not really stand for freedom and it says that we are not really interested in standing against terrorism.  Why are we making friends with terrorists while we are condemning Israel for settling its own land?  This administration seems to follow the pattern of treating our friends badly and being overly nice to our enemies.