Election “Security” Patrols In Philadelphia

This is the link to the YouTube video of the three members of the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense of wielding a nightstick and intimidating voters at a Philadelphia polling place last Election Day.  According to the Washington Times, the political appointees in the Justice Department overruled the carreer lawyers on how the case should be handled.  According to the article:

“A Justice Department spokesman on Thursday confirmed that the agency had dropped the case, dismissing two of the men from the lawsuit with no penalty and winning an order against the third man that simply prohibits him from bringing a weapon to a polling place in future elections.”

The video is disturbing, but the legal aspect of what has happened since is even more disturbing.  I have felt for a while President Obama will be a one-term President.  When the chickens come home to roost on his economic policies, his big plans for cap and trade, health care, and when Americans can no longer buy the cars we want because government environmental radicals are giving us small, unsafe cars, he will face a challenger from his own party as well as the Republican Party.  That scenario, however, assumes an honest election.  With ACORN being given government money to be a major part of the 2010 Census, and the Black Panthers patrolling the polling places, an honest election becomes something of a challenge.

With this kind of legal decision, we are in danger of becoming a banana republic.  We are in danger of becoming all the things we have condemned in other countries since our founding.