The Status Of Jerusalem

According to a blog called The Muqata, this is the Arab nations plan for peace in the Middle East supported by President Obama:

1. Removal of all Israeli communities in the West Bank
2. Creation of a demilitarized Palestinian State within the 1967 borders of the West Bank.
3. Right of Return for all Palestinian refugees to this new state.
4. Removal of Israel’s sovereignty over East Jerusalem, and its transferal to the Palestinians to be the capital of their state.
5. Removal of Israel’s sovereignty over the Old City of Jerusalem — and it will be run by the international community.

There are a few things to consider here.  Essentially, the Arabs want to go back to the borders of Israel that existed before they invaded Israel in 1967.  If those borders did not bring peace then, why are we to assume that they will bring peace now?  This plan is a death warrant for Israel.  This plan was drawn up without the participation of Israel.  If you are going to have a peace plan, shouldn’t all the parties involved negotiate it?  The international community has never run anything successfully, why in the world would we let them start with Jerusalem?  The right of return would destroy Israel as a Jewish state.  Jerusalem should never again be divided–when Israel controlled Jerusalem, all religions of the world had free access to their holy places there, when the Arabs controlled it, the Israelis were not allowed to go to the wailing wall.  Who is going to give the assurance of a demilitarized Palestinian State?  The UN?  They haven’t done such a great job of ending the weapons smuggling that’s going on now! 

There is something very underhanded going on here.  President Obama knows that Prime Minister Netanyahu will never agree to this ‘peace’ proposal.  President Obama wants ‘peace’ in the Middle East at any cost (even, I believe, if it means that Israel no longer exists).  Watch for the Obama Administration’s subtle attempt to bring down the Netanyahu government so that Israel elects a weaker leader that might go along with this horrible idea.