Why I Love New Yorkers–You Just Can’t Please Them!!

On Sunday I posted an article from the New York Post about the closing of Broadway from 42nd to 47th Street to automobile traffic.  The post was rightfully concerned about this change in the New York City traffic pattern (New York City is not known as a ‘fun’ place to drive under any circumstances).  Pedestrians thought it was a great idea, cab drivers were furious.

Today was the first day the new traffic pattern was tested by commuter traffic.  According to today’s New York Post, things went very well.  But–particularly in New York, you can’t please all of the people all of the time.  Shop owners were complaining that business was down because the tour buses were not stopping in front of their stores.  A Coca-Cola delivery man was complaining that he was not able to park closer to the places where he was delivering the soda.  He had to walk further and leave his truck idling longer.  The people you would expect to be happy about a pedestrian mall were complaining–the motorists were doing fine!! I love it!!