Memorial Day Weekend

It’s Memorial Day weekend–not just the official beginning of summer or a day for shopping or cookouts–Memorial Day–the day we remember the price that was paid for our freedom and honor those who paid that price.

Maybe because I was part of a high school graduating class that had to choose between college or Viet Nam, Rolling Thunder (even though I have never been on a Harley) is a very special organization to me.  Over the years, these sometimes rather scary Harley riders have gathered in Washington to bring attention to verteran’s issues, active duty military concerns, and POW issues.  There are thousands of them and they have touched people from all walks of life. 

According to an article in today’s Washington Times:

“In past years, former President George W. Bush welcomed Rolling Thunder members Harley Davidson choppers and all in the driveway of the White House. The event became somewhat of a ritual; last year Mr. Bush was inducted into Rolling Thunder as an honorary member and accepted a cowhide biker vest. Bush administration officials and top military brass made a regular practice of riding with Rolling Thunder, tricked out in biker gear.”

This year things were a little different.  President Obama met briefly with representatives from Rolling Thunder on Friday afternoon.  The meeting was described as brief but cordial.

President Obama plans to spend the weekend with his family at Camp David.

I don’t begrudge the President time off spent with his family, but he lost an opportunity to remind all of us of the reason for the long weekend.  I worry that this administration does not seem to appreciate the heritage of America and how we got here.  Filling the White House driveway with Harley-Davidsons would have been a great start!