So That’s Why I Was Listening To Curtis Sliwa On The Way Home!

According to the Boston Herald, WTKK talk show host Jay Severin has been indefinetly suspended for offensive remarks about illegal aliens and the swine flu.  Good Grief!!    Illegal aliens are illegal.  They are breaking the law.  That makes them criminals according to the laws of this country.  We can argue how serious the crime is, but it is still a crime.  The swine flu came into this country from Mexico–illegally or legally–it doesn’t matter.  We need to be aware that it is here and use common sense in reacting to that fact.  I have no idea what he said, but to suspend him indefinitely for voicing an opinion on people who break the law seems a bit odd.  If you don’t like what the man is saying, change the station.  There are all levels of offensiveness on the radio at any time of day.

I am not the world’s biggest Jay Severin fan.  I listen to him occasionally because I think he is incredibly well informed and insightful on today’s events and what they mean.  I turn him off occasionally because he sometimes offends me.  That’s why there are other stations on my radio–I have the right to make that choice.