This Is What We Are Up Against

In recent years, some of the detainees who were held at Guantanamo have been sent to Saudi Arabia for ‘reeducation’ after they were released from Cuba.  Little Green Footballs  posted an article about this reeducation program yesterday. 

The Saudi authorities treat them well, give them ample food, recreation and classes designed to persuade them that they may have had good intentions,  but that they had made the wrong choice.  (Just for the record, Guantanamo gives them good food and recreation also.  Meals at Guantanamo are prepared to be in keeping with Muslim food requirements.)  This quote from the article shows the success rate of the program:

“Now I know the rules and regulations for jihad,” Hammami said. “First, it needs the consent of the government. Second, the consent of my parents.”

Notice that there is no concept that killing innocent people is wrong–just the concept tht parental and governmental permission is needed.  Keep in mind that Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti (former ruler or Iraq) was paying the families of Palestinian suicide bombers $25,000 for each suicide bomber.  In that part of the world that amount of money combined with the extreme religious teachings made for an attractive offer.  I have no idea how to change that mindset, but it may explain why we have killed or captured many of these people on the battlefield after they have completed the program.