Where The Path Leads

The Washington Examiner on Thursday ran a column by Byron York which gave Ted Olson’s perspective on the upcoming investigations that will follow the release of the ‘torture’ memos.  Ted Olson was investigated for legal advice he provided the Reagan Administration, so he has some feel for the process.  He became the target of a Capitol Hill investigation and an independent counsel.  He was ultimately proven innocent, but that was many millions of our tax dollars (and his legal fees) later.  He is quoted in the article:

“Olson, who served as Solicitor General in the Bush Justice Department but was not involved in War on Terror policy decisions, knows all the figures involved. “What they were doing was endeavoring in every legal, conceivable way to protect people from being slaughtered,” Olson said. “I’m not going to comment on whether it’s good or bad to do things like this, but from what I understand, there was a very high level of concern regarding credible threats of imminent terrorist attacks that justified efforts to seek additional methods of interrogation.””

At some point, I really think you have to look at this whole issue in the context of 911.  We were caught off guard because of a wall someone had erected between the CIA and the FBI.  The wall seemed like a good idea at the time, but look where it got us.  The choices being made now regarding ‘enhanced’ questioning of prisoners may look noble, but are they going to result in another 911?