A Different Take On The Somali Pirates

Ed Thomas at American Thinker has an interesting post today on the Somali pirates.  His question is simply, “Who gains from their piracy?”  He states that:

“The piracy in the northern Indian Ocean raises large sums of money for fundamentalist Mullahs and puts a big hurt on Suez Canal traffic.”

Anwar Sadat was assassinated for being moderate.  The Muslim extremists have had their eye on Egypt for some time–take a look at the relationship between Egypt and the formerly Israeli terroritories now held by the Palestinians.  Egypt has been willing to deal with Israel as a sovereign State for some time now, and that does not sit well with the Muslim fundamentalists who use the existence of Israel as an excuse for their terrorism.

The article concludes:

“Egypt needs those canal revenues and the benefits of being a regional center for trade. Other primary targets are the more progressive governments of the Middle East, with Western interests as secondary targets. We must avoid fighting the enemies involved here on the terms and ground of their choosing and definition. The governments of the region that are the real targets must step up to the plate instead of using the military forces of the west as their proxies. This puts the real stakeholders in the field, (with our backing), to protect our mutual self interest.

If we can break this daisy chain of being a wicked terrorist piƱata, wracked with western guilt, and quit being suckered into being the Great Satan, we could be an honest ally to our deserving regional friends, then we will have made much progress. The pirates are an enemy flotilla and must be treated as such. Keelhaul ’em!”
The pirates are part of the war on terrorism.  We need to treat them as such!