How Do You Properly Handle A Terrorist?

Cliff May at the Corner at National Review Online has a short information column on the current debate about waterboarding and torture of terrorists.  He details the supervision that extreme interrogations were under and the restrictions on the people in charge of the questioning.  The article also puts to rest the idea that waterboarding was used often on prisoners and details what the numbers that have been released regarding waterboarding actually mean.  It’s an interesting read simply because it clearly explains what went on and shows how some of the media has totally distorted what actually happened.

There’s another aspect of this ‘torture’ debate.  First of all, none of the torture victims had their heads chopped off or were treated the way our soldiers have been treated when the terrorists manage to capture them.  But the aspect of this that has not generally been voiced can be found at Little Green Footballs.  According to their website:

“VIENNA – The U.S. is obligated by a United Nations convention to prosecute Bush administration lawyers who allegedly drafted policies that approved the use of harsh interrogation tactics against terrorism suspects, the U.N.’s top anti-torture envoy said Friday.”

If this prosecution happens, we have essentially turned our national sovereignty over to the United Nations, and guess what, they don’t give a hoot about preventing terrorism in America.  This is another reason we should end our support of the UN and ask them to leave the country.  We will be investigated for mistreating terrorists while the terrorists and their actions will be ignored.