I Know There Are Two Sides To This Story, But It Genuinely Bothers Me

Breitbart.tv has posted a film of John Zeigler (a journalist who went to USC to ask questions about Katie Couric getting the Walter Cronkite Journalism Award for her interview of Sarah Palin) getting handcuffed and threatened with arrest.  Evidently the award is given to a journalist who impacts the political process, and it was given to Katie Couric.  The interview of Sarah Palin was cut and pasted in a way to make Sarah Palin look as uninformed as possible, and it did have a negative impact on the McCain campaign.  (Notice that there was no journalism investigating Barack Obama’s ties to ACORN (his contributors list was shared with them during the campaign).  ACORN is under investigation for election fraud in a number of states, but since President Obama has been elected, journalism does not seem too interested in following that story.)  I believe President Obama would have been elected anyway, but I really am concerned the Chicago politics has come to Washington.

Anyway, about the film.  It seems to me that if you are doing something above board, you really don’t mind if anyone watches you or films you doing it.  My experience as a mother tells me that when things are too quiet or there seems to be a need for secrecy, something is going on.  It is chilling that this man, whatever his motives or past actions, was not allowed to simply film people attending the event or ask them questions.  This is the kind of censorship that liberals always felt George Bush was guilty of.  Now it seems as if they practice it without consequence.

Just think–a journalist intimidated and threated with arrest at a journalism awards event–WOW!.