CoOperation Is Not Always A Positive Thing

According to Timesonline, North Korea is getting some help with its impending missle launch.  Fifteen scientists and missle experts from Tehran has been in the country advising the North Koreans since the beginning of March.  According to the article:

“Japanese media claimed that spy satellites have photographed the nose cone of a long-range North Korean rocket on its launch pad. Envoys from South Korea, Japan and the US met in Washington during the weekend to discuss counter-measures to be taken against North Korea.

The three allies have warned that a rocket launch would be in violation of a UN Security Council resolution banning the communist state from carrying out ballistic missile activities.

Pyongyang has resisted pressure to call off the launch and warned that any attempt to shoot down the rocket would be regarded as an act of war.”

Unfortunately, this is another example of what happens when America has a President who is considered ‘weak’ by the unsavory elements in the world.  The political left around the world did not like the image of President Bush as a swaggering cowboy quick on the trigger, but it made the bad guys think twice about getting into mischief.  Unfortunately, President Obama’s idea of making nice to everyone may result in our talking sweetly to people as they reign down missles on our heads.  Keep in mind that the missle North Korea is launching is capable of reaching either Alaska or Hawaii.  It does not seem that we are making any effort to stop that launch.