Better Education For Me, But Not For Thee

According to the Washington Times, one of the consequences of having a Democrat Congress and a Democrat President is the rush to undo anything that the Democrats didn’t like about the George Bush administration.  According to the article:

“From including language to “consider” government health care benefits for same-sex domestic partners of federal workers to eliminating D.C. school vouchers, which they consider an affront to the public school system, Democrats say there are plenty of wrongs to right in Mr. Bush’s wake.”

The school voucher program in Washington, D. C. has been extremely successful.  According to the Wall Street Journal, the program was started in 2004 by Republicans (with the help of Diane Feinstein).  According to the article:

“A 2008 Department of Education evaluation found that participants had higher reading scores than their peers who didn’t receive a scholarship, and there are four applicants for each voucher.

Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee is working to reform all D.C. public schools, which in 2007 ranked last in math and second-to-last in reading among all U.S. urban school systems on the federal National Assessment of Educational Progress. Without the vouchers, more than 80% of the 1,700 kids would have to attend public schools that haven’t made “adequate yearly progress” under No Child Left Behind. Remember all of those Members of Congress standing and applauding on Tuesday as Mr. Obama called for every American child to get some education beyond high school? These are the same Members who protect and defend a D.C. system in which about half of all students fail even to graduate from high school.”

How many of our Senators and Representatives actually live in Washington, D. C. (the city they are charged with governing)?  Of these, how many send their children to public school?  If the Democrat party is dedicated to helping the poor and ‘working poor’, why are they denying them the chance to get a good education?