Fiscal Responsibility Has Left The Building

According to Yahoo News, the United States plans to offer more than $900 million to help rebuild Gaza.  The goal is to strengthen the Western-backed Palestinian Authority.  The expenditure requires U.S. congressional approval.  I strongly suggest that we all begin to call our Congressmen and tell them to turn down the proposal. 

The money will be disributed through the UN and not through Hamas.  Remember that the UN suspended aid to Gaza on February 5th after Hamas stole all of the food and supplies the UN had shipped in.  The UN resumed aid shortly thereafter, but there are obviously some problems with getting aid to the people of Gaza.  Since America is the major funder of the UN and we are already sending aid, why are we spending $900 million more at a time when our own economy is failing?

In the past, when money has been given to the people of Gaza, it has been spent on guns and bombs.  The west has given the Palestinians billions of dollars over the years and very little of it has found its way into projects that provide work for the people of Gaza or into infrastructure.  The infrastructure that was there when the Israel’s left Gaza has been destroyed. 

The people of Gaza need to face the consequences of their actions.  For example, on December 22, 2008, approximately 60 rockets were fired from Gaza at Israel (according to the Washington Post), how much money was spent to do that?  We have enabled the creation of a terrorist state, why should be have to support it financially?