The Pentagon Has Completed Its Review of Guantanamo

According to Power Line Blog and the Washington Post, the Pentagon has completed its review of conditions at the Guantanamo Bay terrorist prison.  The report did criticize the force feeding of inmates on hunger strike and stated that high security prisoners should be allowed more interaction, but stated that generally the prison is operated within the guides of the Geneva Convention.  That’s nice–how many civilians have lost their heads while being in the custody of friends of the people held at Guantanamo?

The bottom line on this story is that Guantanamo is not a horrible place.  It is a prison that houses people who want to kill innocent civilians–terrorists–not prisoners of war.  Very few countries other than America would have kept these people alive–they would have been shot on the battlelfield.  I don’t approve of that, but the alternative is to keep them locked up for life.  When we have released the prisoners in the past, many of them have been killed on the battlefield after their release.  How many Americans did they kill in the interim? 

Guantanamo has become a political issue.  The facts are irrelevant, and unfortunately American lives will be put at risk because of the politics involved.