This Is An Indication Of Plans To Cheat!

On Tuesday, The Conservative Treehouse posted an article featuring a letter from the White House stating that the Biden administration is strongly opposed to the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAFE) Act and plans to veto any legislation that limits the opportunities for voter fraud. The SAFE Act requires proof of citizenship to register to vote among other things. Since companies are supposed to be in compliance with e-verify in order to hire someone, why shouldn’t voter registration have a similar standard?

The article reports:

The people behind Joe Biden that used illegal voter registration, subsequent ballot harvesting, and ultimately corrupt ballot counting to install Biden into office, have threatened to veto any legislation that would impede their election fraud operation.

The article concludes:

The corrupt states and federal government through DHS and the DOJ, then fight against anything, any effort, any process, that would purge voter rolls or fix incorrect voting rolls.  To use the new electioneering system, the system operators need ballots created, they no longer need votes.  They need ballots.

Downstream from this process that’s where you find the “ballot submission assistance” programs.  This is where the local community networks, regional activist groups and widespread community organizers come into play.  Instead of advertising or the previous electioneering systems around candidate promotion and Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts, the majority of donations to the DNC are now used in the ballot assistance programs.

Keep in mind, the origination of the ballots starts with expanded voter rolls.  The rolls contain the registry status of people, regardless of their accuracy or inaccuracy.

I recently asked Catherine Englebrecht founder of True the Vote the following question:

Give me your best guess. Can we vote in large enough quantities to beat the DNC ballot creation system currently underway using illegal aliens?

Here is her response:

“Yes, but we need three things:

1. No polling place left unmanned.
2. Eyes/Cameras on drop boxes
3. Courage to fight

My team is working nonstop on #1 and #2.

#3 is the most important.

We can do this.”

No one is trying to deny anyone’s right to vote. What we are trying to do is make sure that the votes of American citizens are not cancelled by the votes of people who do not legally have the right to vote.