Ken Paxton Has Been Acquitted

Ken Paxton’s actual crime was defeating a Bush in a primary election; however, that was not listed among the crimes he was charged with.

According to a National Pulse article posted September 16th:

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has been acquitted of all 16 charges against him, following an impeachment campaign leveled against him by establishment Republicans who partnered with left-wing “impeachment managers” to try and remove the pro-Trump figure.

Texas state senators voted Saturday morning to acquit Paxton on 16 articles, including “disregard of official duty”, as well as “misapplication of public resources”, “constitutional bribery”, “false statements in official records”, “conspiracy and attempted conspiracy”, “dereliction of duty”, “unfitness for office”, and “abuse of public trust”. 

Paxton was not present for the verdict, and his wife, Senator Angela Paxton, was prohibited from voting.

Four original articles were held in abeyance, with the Senate dismissing them in a vote conducted after the acquittal.

The National Pulse previously reported on how impeachment managers had tried to hide evidence from Paxton, so as to stymie his defense. After our report, Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick imposed a discovery order on the state’s House of Representatives, demanding they reveal they basis for the impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton.

This is Attorney General Paxton’s statement about the acquittal: