Destroying the Middle Class

Author:  R. Alan Harrop, Ph.D

A primary objective of Marxism has always been the destruction of the free enterprise system (i.e. capitalism).  Marxism is based on making people dependent on the government, not on themselves. Therefore, the government controls people’s lives. A  middle class did not exist until the advent of the free enterprise system. There were only royalty, aristocrats, clergy and peasants. America has been the country of the middle class. Sure, we have very wealthy people and very poor people but in between we have people who can earn a good living and actually advance their economic condition through hard work and saving. It is called the “American Dream” and has existed since the founding of this country. The Marxist Democrats (sadly, helped by some, perhaps well meaning, but naive Republicans) have declared war on the middle class in America. Let me mention a few ways: 

Income Tax: Prior to 1913 there was no ongoing federal income tax in this country.  Federal funds were raised by tariffs, excise duties, etc. Progressive income tax, where the higher your income the higher the tax rate, penalizes people that are trying to get ahead. Right now, at least 40% of the people in the country pay no federal income tax.  This is due to social programs and socialist ideas about income redistribution. People who pay no tax have no skin in the game and only want more and more free stuff. 

Wealth Redistribution: Most, if not all, government programs steal from the middle class and give to the supposed underclass. Who establishes the rules for who gets free stuff that is actually paid for by others? Well of course the government. Food stamps, income and rent assistance, free school lunches, and Medicaid are all examples of programs that require hard working middle class people to pay for things for other people. This is straight out of the Marxist playbook. The result is that fewer people want to work since they will lose their free stuff and/or are not motivated to advance themselves.    

Crime: In many, if not all, of our Democrat run cities, people just go into stores and take what they want. No fear of arrest. Who are the victims? The middle class store owners and the paying customers when prices must be raised to offset the losses. 

Open Borders: Immigrants used to come to this country legally for an opportunity to advance themselves economically through hard work. They wanted to live the  American Dream. My grandparents did exactly that. Now, most of the illegal immigrants flood across our open borders to get free stuff. 

Climate Hoax: The Marxist Democrats are hell bent on raising the cost of energy and transportation (e.g. mandating electric cars). This will destroy the middle class. No more single homes. Use public transportation or electric bicycles! Solar and wind generators would not exist if the government were not forcing the middle class to pay for the subsidies. We are being forced to subsidize our own demise. 

No country can long survive what is currently being done to America. We will not survive as a country unless this is stopped. The strength of America has always been the middle class. he Marxist Democrats must be defeated and moreover, Republican enablers must either be convinced to stop these destructive policies or be voted out of office. NO WINDMILLS ON THE NORTH CAROLINA COAST!!!