What Is The Heartbeat Act?

What is The Heartbeat Act? It is a law being proposed in various states to limit abortions (in most cases) to before the baby’s heartbeat is detected. The email stated that The Heartbeat Act would come up in the current session of the North Carolina legislature.

I received some information on The Heartbeat Act in my email today.

Here is some of that information:

The Heartbeat Act will do the following:

•Protect babies from abortion after the detection of a heartbeat

•Allow exceptions up to 20 weeks for reported cases of rape or incest

•Allow an exception for medical emergencies, including life of the mother

•Specifically EXCLUDE ectopic pregnancies, and contraceptive drugs from the definition of abortion

•Specifically EXCLUDE the pregnant woman from being a defendant in a civil or criminal proceeding

•Allow enforcement by civil lawsuits, criminal prosecution, and professional licensure penalties against any physician and/or abortion clinic that violates the law

The email also noted:

We must provide a safety-net of care for women who choose life. Seventy-six percent of abortion-determined women would choose life if their circumstances were different.7The Heartbeat Act will save 86% of babies in North Carolina who are currently being killed by abortion violence. Many more mothers will need our help before and after their baby’s birth.

Abortion is not the answer to an unplanned pregnancy–there are many better options. A group called Health Research Funding posted a list of post-abortion depression statistics. If you truly care about women’s health, you need to look at these statistics.

Here are the first few statistics:

Facts About Post Abortion Depression

1. Women who have an abortion are 3x more likely that women of child-bearing age in the general population to commit suicide.
2. The increased risk percentage of women who have an abortion compared to women in the general population of having at least one mental health issue: 81%.
3. Teen girls are up to 10x more likely to attempt suicide then their counterparts who have not had an abortion.
4. Teen girls who have had an abortion are up to 4x more likely to successfully commit suicide when compared to older women who have had an abortion.
5. About 45% of women who have had an abortion report having suicidal feelings immediately following their procedure.
6. Only 1% of women of child-bearing age seek psychiatric help for mental health issues in the 9 months prior to having an abortion. After having an abortion, the percentage rises to 1.5%.
7. Within a year after first-time mothers gave birth, 7 per 1,000 women were treated for mental-health issues, in comparison to 4 per 1,000 before baby.
8. Up to 33% of mothers will experience depression at least once between the time their child is born and the child’s 12th birthday.
9. 1995 data suggests that the rate of deliberate self-harm is 70% higher after abortion than after childbirth.
10. The British Journal of Psychiatry found an 81% increased risk of mental trauma after abortion.

Please follow the link above to read the rest of the list. We need to limit (if not end) abortions in North Carolina.