The Blame Game

Republicans did not do as well in the mid-term elections as was predicted. There were a lot of reasons for that–some of them surprising.

On Sunday, The Gateway Pundit reported the following:

Karl Rove Who Ran PAC Ads Supportive of Top Democrat Candidate and Held a Fundraiser for Adam Kinzinger Blames Trump for Midterm Losses

Karl Rove is a member of the uniparty. He hates President Trump because President Trump is the ultimate disruptor of the Washington establishment. Americans have a very simple choice to make during the next two years–do you want more endless wars, sweetheart deals for China, and tax deals that hurt Americans and American manufacuring or do want a President who supports Main Street–not Washington or Wall Street? You may not like President Trump’s style or personality, but he did more for the average American in four years than the last five presidents.

The article goes on to note that after working against some of the Trump-supported candidates, Karl Rove blamed President Trump for the poor mid-term performance by the Republicans. This is all part of the effort to take President Trump out of the 2024 primaries so that the uniparty can run a Republican who will not change things in Washington.