President Trump Is Running

I watched President Trump’s speech Tuesday night. It was a reminder to me of how much things have changed in the past two years. I remember when my grocery bill was a lot lower and it cost me less to fill up my gas tank. I remember when my stock portfolio was not scary to check. I remember when our southern border was on the way to being secured and the amount of drugs coming over that border decreased. I remember when we weren’t sending millions of dollars and some ‘noncombatant’ soldiers overseas to support a war. The country is not in a good place right now. Under the current leadership of both parties, the country will not return to a good place.

Temporarily at least, the uni-party has won. The Republicans have taken control of the House of Representatives, but there are no indications of a change in leadership. I will believe that there will be honest investigations of the misdeeds of the Biden family and the Biden administration when I see them. I am not optimistic.

Meanwhile, this mid-term election taught us the difference between ballots and votes. Votes are in-person and have some degree of assurance that the person is a legal voter and is who they say they are. Mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting are two of the biggest invitations to voter fraud that we have. I am willing to bet that until we deal with mail in ballots and ballot harvesting, we will never see another Republican President.

I have some thoughts for the never-Trumpers. They are all over the internet today fact-checking and criticizing. Were they not paying attention during the four years Donald Trump was President? How did their household budgets look? How much were they paying for gas? Did they enjoy the benefits of America becoming energy independent? Did they feel safer knowing that America’s southern border was being secured? If you don’t support President Trump, keep in mind that any Republican candidate who is not part of the uni-party (and I am not sure there is anyone in leadership who fits that description) will be subject to the same sort of attack that has been waged against President Trump. Do you believe anyone else would be willing to fight back against that attack?

The uni-party in Washington cannot afford to have an outsider become President. They like their power, and they want to hold on to it. Expect a media, Justice Department, and political attack on President Trump the likes of which we have never seen.