Now They Have Spies?!?!

On Saturday, The Carolina Journal posted an article about a recent occurrence at a North Carolina restaurant.

The article reports:

A reservation at a Raleigh restaurant for a group of women and men celebrating the end of the school year was canceled after the restaurant found out some of those attending were associated with the Wake County group Moms for Liberty.

Kari Donovan, a member and spokesperson for the Wake County Chapter of Moms for Liberty, told Carolina Journal in a phone interview that Julie Page, chair of the local chapter, made the reservation at Wye Hill Kitchen & Brewing as a happy hour for moms she knew to celebrate the end of the school year.

She posted the invitation Tuesday on the group’s Facebook page without mentioning the location. Donovan said attendees needed to send an inquiry to find out where it would take place on Friday. Page sent the invite to members of the group directly.

In total, 30 people responded, including men, some women who were not affiliated with the Moms for Liberty group, and the rest who were members. Unbeknownst to Page, one of those members went by an assumed name. The imposter is actually a Durham woman named Katherine Johnson, who recently started a progressive far-left group and is raising money through social media for a “Summer of Rage for the Triangle area of North Carolina.”

In a Tik-Tok video, Johnson took credit for complaining to the restaurant about the attendees’ association with Moms for Liberty. In another video, Johnson addresses Page directly.

“Stay vigilant big girl because we are coming for you,” Johnson said in the video. Donovan said Johnson was removed from the group.

Good grief! How in the world is a “Summer of Rage” helpful to anyone? Unfortunately, this is only one example of the targeting of parents who are trying to improve their children’s schools and get unnecessary garbage removed from the curriculum. Ms. Johnson might be better served by putting her efforts into improving North Carolina’s schools rather than preventing mothers from celebrating the end of the school year.

In 2018, The Triangle Business Journal reported:

North Carolina’s public education system falls short of the state’s prestigious university reputations, says WalletHub. The Tar Heel State’s K-12 public school systems and overall education level are below average compared to the nation, despite having some of the most renowned universities in the country.  

North Carolina was rated to have the 32nd best K-12 public school system in the nation, based on quality and safety. The quality rating was based on metrics including high school graduation rate, math and reading scores, median SAT and ACT scores, and the pupil-teacher ratio.  

Stopping mothers from celebrating or planning a “Summer of Rage” does nothing to address this situation.