We Need To Secure All Of Our Elections

Yesterday KTLA Los Angeles reported that 300 election recall ballots were found in a vehicle where a felon was found passed out with drugs, a loaded firearm and multiple driver’s licenses one week ago, authorities said Monday.  How did 300 election recall ballots wind up in the same car? Obviously 300 ballots alone will not change the outcome of the recall election, but how many other questionable ballots are floating around the state?

The article reports:

Officers also discovered a loaded firearm, methamphetamine, thousands of pieces of mail, a scale, and multiple California drivers licenses and credit cards that were in other people’s names, a police news release stated. Xanax pills were also located on the unidentified male subject, who authorities described as a felon.

He was arrested on suspicion of a number of offenses, including weapons violations, narcotics and forgery violations.

Providing an update on the case Monday, police said the department’s Special Investigations Division has partnered with the U.S. Postal Service and the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Offices Public Integrity Unit to look into the matter.

“Investigators are trying to figure out how the election ballots ended up in the suspect’s vehicle and what their intent was in having them,” police officials said in a statement. “This is an isolated incident and is not related to any additional thefts of election ballots.”

Why are the investigators so sure this is an isolated incident? If the person had multiple driver’s licenses, credit cards, etc., it is quite possible he was not working alone.

The article concludes:

No further details about the incident have been released.

The discovery came the same day that absentee ballots were mailed out to registered California voters for the upcoming Sept. 14 recall election of Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Any voter whose ballot was determined to have been taken in the theft will get a new one prior to the election, according to police.

They reminded community members to report any suspicious election activity by calling 310-328-3456.

All registered California voters may apply for an absentee ballot and vote by mail. Any registered voter may become a permanent vote-by-mail voter. Permanent vote-by-mail voters will automatically receive a vote-by-mail ballot for each election. Vote-by-mail is the place where most voter fraud occurs. By setting up a permanent vote-by-mail system, the state is opening the gate for voter fraud. If I move out of California and still have relatives there for a mailing address, I can vote by mail no matter where I live.