Leadership Finds Its Way To The Top

Just the News posted an article today about Christopher Miller, acting defense secretary to replace the newly fired Mark Esper.

The article reports:

“The dude’s legit,” one long serving member of the special operations community told Just the News. “Everyone loves him.”

Miller, 55, is known among his Special Forces peers for his part in a secret mission in Afghanistan immediately following the 9/11 attacks. He and other Green Berets, many of them riding horses, went deep into Taliban territory to seek and destroy the enemy.

“Thanksgiving Day, 2001 I took the last group over from Fifth Special Forces Group,” Miller said during an October event for the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “On the fifth of December we had a friendly fire incident in southern Afghanistan with Hamid Karzai who was there. And I went in to replace the element that had been destroyed.”

The mission, which was immortalized in the 2018 film, “12 Strong,” helped him to understand the human dimension of current operations, Miller said.

“I was in the field,” Miller said. “I was in the street.”

The article also states:

Aside from his fame among his Special Operations brethren, Miller is known within the defense community as an intellectual with direct experience in recent conflict zones.

This is obviously a good choice. Let’s hope Christopher Miller gets to stay in that job for a while.