Regardless Of What The Media Says, It’s Not Over

The media has been trying to get President Trump out of the White House since before he got there. The Democrats have shown that they are not above cheating to win. It’s a really bad combination for our republic.

Yesterday The Epoch Times posted an article that should be concerning to all of us.

The article reports:

As the results of the current presidential election drag out there are enough anomalies found in it “to merit a serious investigation,” according to Rich Higgins, former director for strategic planning at the National Security Council (NSC).

Among concerns surrounding the election are “Twitter anomalies, the votes showing up in the middle of the night, the counts that go on forever,” Higgins said in a recent interview on The Epoch Times’ Crossroads program.

“There’s a lot of evidence there that requires further investigation” and there are constitutional measures in place to do it, Higgins said, state legislators can act if any violations or irregularities are found in the voting process but they will need evidence to do so.

Higgins would like to see the Trump administration provide “a more succinct and coherent messaging” about the election situation.

Specifically, Higgins would like the administration to tackle “the disinformation campaign that we’ve seen now going on for a year and a half from the media as it pertains to the election.”

“Of all the things that I’m most shocked about that I’ve seen in the past couple of days is the incessant media tipping of the scale through … the provision of narrative on one hand, and then the selective distribution of information on the other hand. … They’re not only lying to you, they’re also withholding information from you. It really is disgusting,” Higgins said.

Consider that this man worked in intelligence. He knows how a media propaganda campaign works.

The article concludes:

Higgins spent 20 years working in the bureaucracy but the transition of power after 2016 election was different, he said. The narrative about Trump campaign collusion with Russia was growing and was being pushed on, Republicans who were active in the Never Trump movement were finding their way into the administration, Higgins said.

It became clear to Higgins that an operation was being run and “the intelligence community had a direct role in it.” “The scale of it was so large … it wasn’t two or three rogue agents. … These were agency wide, inter agency wide efforts that have been undertaken,” Higgins said.

“I’m not even convinced it today, after a year, year and a half of investigation by [Connecticut U.S. Attorney John] Durham that they fully comprehend everything that took place under it because it was so you know, so large,” Higgins added.

During his 20 year tenure, Higgins first became concerned during the Bush administration, “ I saw an attempt to suspend reality, and to push narratives down into the decision making cycle to the point where they were impacting operations on the ground, frankly, getting people killed,” he said.

“That problem only became 10 times worse under the Obama administration, where to even raise your hand in question … a point of view was to find yourself on the out, pursued, investigated, throttled,” Higgins added.

Higgins has written the book titled, “The Memo: Twenty Years Inside the Deep State Fighting for America First” published in September.

Higgins wrote the book with an intention to show that he is not a conspiracy theorist, and how somebody inside the system with unique experiences who “had some really unique vantage points over the past 20 years, could come to be […] a red-pilled MAGA [Make America Great Again] patriot.”

I think we need to look very carefully at the role the media is playing in this election. Before the issues of voter fraud and machines that incorrectly counted votes have been investigated and dealt with, the media has selected Joe Biden as President. That is not their job, although they are obviously rejoicing in it. If the voter fraud is not dealt with and the guilty parties not held responsible, we will not have fair elections in America. That is frightening.