Doing Your Job Well

Yesterday The Washington Free Beacon posted an article about the U.S. ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell.

The article reports:

The Trump administration’s ambassador to Germany has saved the U.S. taxpayer some $20 million during the last two fiscal years, according to an announcement from the American mission in Berlin.

Under the leadership of U.S. ambassador Richard Grenell, the foreign mission managed to come in $6 million under budget in fiscal year 2018 and $14 million under budget in fiscal year 2019.

…”I believe strongly that American taxpayers expect efficiency and frugality from overseas missions. I am happy to report that after coming $6 million under budget for FY18, Mission Germany came $14 million under budget in FY19,” Grenell said in a statement.

“Additionally, we zeroed-out all growth requests for the most recent Mission Resource Review, committing to a static budget through 2021,” according to the ambassador. “Through continuous analysis of our operations and goals, we have been able to meet emerging requirements through efficiencies and reprogramming existing resources as needed.”

I would love to turn this man loose on the federal budget.