Lack Of Transparency At The National Labor Relations Board

Today’s Daily Caller reported on recent activity at the National Labor Relations Board NLRB) in regard to unionizing companies. Current law requires that union elections be held within six weeks of the time that organizers meet the petition requirements for an election. The NLRB is moving to shorten that time to 7–10 days.

The article points out:

Another red flag that (former NLRB board member Peter) Schaumber notices with the Board’s handling of its “quickie election” proposal is the lack of transparency in the NLRB’s deliberations. Schaumber says it appears as though the Board’s members evaded the Sunshine Act, either by meeting only two at a time or by using staffers to relay information among themselves.

The unions have a reason for wanting to change this rule quickly. Right now the NLRB is totally controlled by pro-labor forces, after 2012, that may not be the case. The other reason for the urgency is the state of union pensions. As previously reported at rightwinggranny:

One of the reasons the unions are so desperate to grow membership is that their pension funds are unfunded.  I ran an article at rightwinggranny in April of 2010 based on a Big Government article which stated:

The worst part of the Obama executive order is the real reason for it.  According to a September, 2009 report by Moody’s Investor Services, construction union pensions in 2008 were just 54% funded.  Just like Social Security, the promised union pensions were too fat.  They were built on the similar demographic flaw of social security.  The system would pay full benefits to the earliest retirees, but would only be able to continue to do that if the ratio of workers to retirees is sustainable.  So what does it mean when the ratio fails?  How do you restore the footing on a plan so underfunded when the ration of worker to retiree continues to get worse?”

The crunch point of this ponzi scheme is about to be reached.  That is why the unions are desperately trying to change to rules of unionization–to save face on their pension funds.  If more members do not join quickly, the whole pension scheme will collapse.

Workers need more than ten days to decide if they want to join a union. They need a chance to hear both sides of the story. The recent action of the NLRB does nothing to improve the process.

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