A Little Diversion From The Debt Ceiling Debate

Today’s U.K. Daily Mail is reporting that the FBI believes it has finally caught DB Cooper.  For anyone under the age of 40, DB Cooper boarded an airplane in Portland, Oregon, in 1971, took over the airplane on the way to Seattle, Washington, demanded and got four parachutes and $200,000 and demanded to be flown to Mexico.  Somewhere along the way, he and his money jumped out of the airplane.  He has been missing ever since.  In 1980, $5,800 of the money he was given was found in the Columbia River.

There was a man who was suspected of being DB Cooper who was killed after a prison break in 1974, but he did not fit the description given by the flight attendants. 

The FBI is looking at fingerprints and DNA evidence to link the suspect to the crime.  Stay tuned.