I Am Grateful For Retired Policemen

Yesterday the Los Angeles Times reported that a retired policeman who worked in a gun shop alerted police to a man that he felt was asking some strange questions.  This led to the arrest of Pfc. Naser Jason Abdo

The article reports on Pfc Abdo:

“He’ll likely face federal charges after FBI agents found a large amount of bomb-making materials in his hotel room not far from the base.

“The 21-year-old had gone AWOL from Fort Campbell, Kentucky after refusing deployment to Afghanistan on religious grounds and then being charged with possession of child pornography during his discharge process.”

The article further reports:

“Abdo appeared in a local gunshop Tuesday afternoon, according to Greg Ebert, a retired police officer now working there. Ebert said Abdo purchased shotgun shells, a magazine and six one-pound canisters of gunpowder.

“But he then asked Ebert numerous questions indicating little knowledge of the gunpowder.”

At that point, Mr. Ebert checked with his boss and then alerted police.  Thanks to Mr. Ebert, we avoided another massacre at Fort Hood.

I am not sure whether two incidents can be considered a pattern, but I wonder if when a soldier refuses to deploy because he is a Mulsim he should be looked at more closely.  But for the actions of Mr. Ebert, our military was going to be attacked again by a terrorist member of the military.