Where Does The Money Go ?

On Sunday, the New York Post posted an article giving the readers some idea of where the money goes. 

The article asks the question:

“…just ask yourself this simple question: When did it become the primary function of the federal government to send millions of Americans checks?”

That is an interesting question.  The article points out:

“The feds now borrow 43 cents of every dollar they spend.  Under Obama, outlays have soared to nearly a quarter of GDP (the historical average is just under 20 percent) — and once ObamaCare starts to fully kick in around 2014, it will only rise.”

The article also reminds us of the history of Medicare.  When Medicare began in 1966, the cost was $3 billion.  Congress predicted that by1990 it would cost about $12 billion, allowing for inflation.  The actual figure was $107 billion.  The future unfunded obligations of Medicare total at least $36 trillion.  This is typical of government programs–they never get smaller and they rarely stay within the bounds of their estimated cost!

The article further points out:

“Yet the president and the Democrats still refuse to put meaningful spending cuts on the table–and refuse completely to deal with the entitlement monster.  Even though they know the numbers don’t work, they’re trying to lock in Obama’s sky-high spending as the new normal–and then up the ante.

“The debt-ceiling cage match is the culmination of the Democrats’ 75-year-long fight to establish a voting bloc of dependents under the false flags of “compassion” and “social justice.”  It’s sapped out strength, created a welfare mentality and, if unchecked, will reduce us to a nation of aging, resentful beggars with eyes cast permanently toward Washington.”

That statement pretty much covers the situation.