Who Actually Needs To Eat Their Peas ?

Yesterday Holly Robichaud posted a column in the Boston Herald which beautifully listed the scare tactics currently being used by Democrat lawmakers to try to take more of your money.  Holly lists six myths the Democrats are using in their quest for more money.

The myths:

1.  If Congress does not raise the debt ceiling, Social Security checks will not go out.  I reported at rightwinggranny.com on July 14th:

“”The responsibility of the Social Security Administration per se, my boss, Commissioner Astrue, is to in fact determine how much in the way of benefit payments people are supposed to receive,” Goss said. “We send that information actually over to the Department of the Treasury. They are the ones who actually send out the payments, whether it’s electronic funds, transfers, or check.””

Just for the record, even without raising the debt ceiling, there is enough money coming into the treasury to pay social security checks.

2.  Republicans are unwilling to negotiate.  The Republicans have laid numerous specific plans on the table.  The only specific plan laid out by the Democrats was the President’s budget, which was so bad it was voted down in the Senate 97 to 0.  The President has also stated that he is unwilling to sign a short-term solution.

3.  Medicare is being cut for seniors.  Just for the record, there are $ 500 billion cuts to Medicare in Obamacare.  No Republican plan cuts Medicare for anyone over the age of 55.  The Republican plan is to restructure it for younger people in order to prevent the program from going broke in the very near future.

4.  The national debt is Bush’s fault.  It is true that President Bush did not control spending–but if you look at spending during the Bush years, you will notice that it increased dramatically when the Democrats took over the House of Representatives.  Technically, spending comes from the House of Representatives.  President Bush and past presidents created $10 trillion of the debt–President Obama has created $4 trillion in just three years.  It’s the spending, stupid!

5.  Republicans are playing politics with the debt ceiling crisis.  The Democrats have not passed a budget in 810 days.  Instead, they have simply been criticizing all of the Republican proposals.  Who is playing politics?

6.  Taxes need to be raised.  No, they don’t.  They might need to be revised, but this is not the time for that.  It really is the spending.  The only sector of the economy that has grown in this recession is the government.  Government employees now make about 150 % of what people in the private sector make.  It’s the spending, stupid!

I just want to post one picture of government spending.  Do you think there might be room for cuts here?

It’s time to take another look at how the government spends OUR money.  We need to remember that it is our money–not the government’s.  We earned it.  We are obligated to give a small amount to the government for their expenses, but we are not obligated to support unnecessary government bureaucracies.