Relationships Are Complicated–Especially In Politics

I need to say up front that I have always loved Ed Koch.  I probably disagree with him on everything politically, but I sincerely like him.  I think when God designed Ed Koch He said, “I need to design the perfect person to be Mayor of New York City.  He may not do a perfect job, but he will reflect the spirit of the city.”  That’s why I like Ed Koch.  I also respect him.  He has spoken out in a principled way on numerous occasions when what he had to say was not popular–but he spoke out anyway. 

Yesterday the New York Post reported that Ed Koch has stated that as a protest against President Obama’s policies on Israel he is considering voting for Bob Turner, the Republican-Conservative candidate for ex-Representative Anthony Weiner’s House of Representatives seat.  Mayor Koch stated that he would vote for Bob Turner if Turner backs Israel and opposes Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security cuts.

He urged Jewish New Yorkers and those who support Israel to vote Republican in the special election in September.  Mayor Koch is hoping that seeing a strong Republican vote by Democrats might cause President Obama to change his treatment of Israel and reestablish the special relationship America has had with Israel in the past.  I see no hope of that at all, but I admire the effort. 

There is only one logical reason that the Obama administration has treated Israel so badly–it has to do with Iraq and Afghanistan.  The country supplying arms to Iraq and Afghanistan and fomenting chaos in those two countries is Iran.  I honestly believe that President Obama came into office with the idea that he could charm Iran into bringing peace to the Middle East.  I think he felt that he had to abandon Israel to do this, but eventually, his policies would bring peace to Israel.  I think this idea is pure science fiction, but if you believe that you can charm anyone into cooperating with you, this is something you might attempt.  Remember that President Obama, as near as any records of his past that have been made public, has never really been challenged as to what he believes and what he is doing.  As a community organizer, he was in charge and no one argued.  I don’t know if dissenting opinions are allowed in the Obama White House.  I rather doubt it. 

What the President does not seem to understand is the role of radical Islam in the Iranian government.  When the radicals took over Iran in 1979, they pledged to set up a world-wide caliphate under Sharia Law with Iran as a major player and Iraq as its center.  Those goals have not changed.

I admire Mayor Koch for his statement of principle, but I doubt any actions he takes will have the desired result.