A New 12-Step Program

Yesterday the Daily Caller posted an article about Larry Kudlow’s suggestion to Laura Ingraham on how to get the economy growing again.  Amid his suggestions, he made an interesting observation:

“:I have never seen–the Democratic Party has an obsession over the Bush tax cuts.  It’s like, whatever the problem is they repeal the tax cuts.  It’s like they need a 12-step program to deal with their obsession and anger over the Bush tax cuts.””

In the process of the conversation, he also made a few very positive suggestions about how to turn around the economy:

“…a nice simple plan, significant spending cuts to deal with the debt problem.  And then at the same time, slash the business tax rate to 15 percent, with no deductions and stop all of this rhetoric about ending the Bush tax cuts, particularly for the small business owners and the most successful earners.”

That is the kind of program that will put America back on the path to prosperity.