Why The Internet Is Successful As A News Source

Newsbusters posted an article yesterday about an on-air conversation between Andrew Breitbart and John Stossel that occurred on Fox Business News on Thursday.  As the two men chatted, John Stossel admitted that Andrew Breitbart had offered him the James O’Keefe/Hannah Giles/ACORN scoop and that he had refused it due to network politics (he worked for ABC at the time). 

The question I have is this, “If ABC’s politics and policies were such that John Stossel refused to air a valid news story, does Mr. Stossel have more freedom at Fox Business Network?” 

How much of the news is the American public not exposed to because of the political bias of the media reporting it?  That is why I am willing to surf the internet to find the stories the mainstream media did not carry.

1 thought on “Why The Internet Is Successful As A News Source

  1. Breitbart is truly refreshing– a fearless reformed liberal who relishes every opportunity to tackle the Left and embarrass the heck out of them by exposing their lies and downright bad reporting. With his uncanny talent for zeroing in on just the right question– as in the Stossel interview– he is quite literally turning the mainstream media (both old and new) on its head, and breathing new life into the art of investigative journalism.
    I highly recommend his book, “Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World”, which is the saga of his personal journey from confused Gen-X’er to where he is today.
    PS: A bonus– Chapter 6 of Breitbart’s book is an excellent overview of the history of the Progressive movement in the U.S., chock full of facts every well informed patriot should know!

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