Watching The Media Spin

Today Newsbusters posted a transcript from an interview done on C-SPAN of Representative Keith Ellison, Democrat of Minnesota.  When the subject turned to Michele Bachmann. Representative Ellison repeated the normal liberal Democrat talking points–I support equality for everyone, prosperity for the working class, freedom for everyone, economic policies that give everyone a chance, etc.  He then summarized his statement by saying:

“I think on those things Michele and I don’t agree.  Probably, down the line, she would probably say no to everything I just said.  But I believe in liberty and justice for all, no exceptions, you know, everybody, all religions, all colors, all faiths.”

The interviewer, Peter Slen, host of C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, then moved on to the next subject.  It is news to me that Michele Bachmann does not stand for liberty and justice for all.  I was under the distinct impression that she started the Tea Party Caucus in order to further those exact goals.  I think what she opposes is government interference in the everyday lives of Americans, and the redistribution of weath that this administration is currently attempting.  It’s a shame the interviewer did not challenge the statement that Michele Bachmann is against liberty and justice for all.  This is the kind of sloppy interview that gives the mainstream media a bad name.

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