A Governor Who Refuses To Protect The People Of His State

masslive.com is reporting today that Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has decided to opt out of the federal Secure Communities program.  This is the program that asks states to check the immigration status of anyone arrested in the state. 

The article reports:

“”The Governor and I are dubious of the Commonwealth taking on the federal role of immigration enforcement. We are even more skeptical of the potential impact that Secure Communities could have on the residents of the Commonwealth,” Public Safety Secretary Mary Beth Heffernan wrote in a letter dated Friday to Acting Secure Communities Director Marc Rapp, informing the Department of Homeland Security that Massachusetts would not sign a memorandum of understanding for participation.”

I guess I’m missing something, but if someone is brought into police custody for breaking the law, why is there a problem in checking to see if they are guilty of breaking another law by being here illegally? 

The article reports:

“(Public Safety Secretary Mary Beth) Heffernan cited concerns in the law enforcement community as well as some mayors that participation would deter the reporting of criminal activity, and “deteriorate relationships with communities that have been carefully cultivated with years of hard work.””

There is a reason illegal aliens are called illegal–they are not here legally.  It is not fair to the people patiently waiting in line for the chance to come to America to allow illegals to come here without any requirements.  This is the wrong decision for the safety of the people of Massachusetts.