This Might Be Nothing…

On Monday, The New York Daily News reported that Seth Conrad Rich was shot to death a block from his Washington, D.C. home. Mr. Rich was a Democratic National Committee staffer.

The article reports:

Seth Conrad Rich, 27, died early Sunday from multiple gunshot wounds sustained in an attack in Washington’s Bloomingdale neighborhood. D.C. police have found little information to explain his death. At this time, there are no suspects, no motive and no witnesses in Rich’s murder.

There is no immediate indication that robbery was a motive in the attack, police said, but it has not been ruled out as a possibility.

So why am I reporting this? A website called anonymous has a little more information. The website reports:

Seth Conrad Rich was the Voter Expansion Data Director at the DNC and had been working on exposing the recent cases of election fraud and voter suppression during the recent primaries around the country.

This killing could simply be a robbery gone bad or it could be another person added to the list of people associated in some way with the Clintons who have died under mysterious circumstances.