They Are Already Here

Yesterday posted an article about  Mohamed Jalloh (26) of Sterling, Virginia, who formerly served in the National Guard. He has been charged with plotting to help ISIS.

The article reports:

Jalloh attempted to purchase an assault rifle in Chantilly but was not so successful.

According to the Washington Post, he had previously tried to purchase a weapon at the Blue Ridge Arsenal gun store on Friday but was denied for a lack of identification forms. After turning him away, the FBI was in compliance with the store, making sure any gun sold to Jalloh in the future would be inoperable. 

Jalloh returned to the gun store on Saturday to buy an assault weapon for $1,200. He was then taken into custody on Sunday.

In federal court in Alexandria this Tuesday court documents revealed a three-month sting and Jalloh’s past interactions with ISIS. Authorities say the sting operation began after Jalloh made contact on his own with ISIS members in Africa earlier this year.

The ex-soldier was planning an attack like the one in Fort Henry in which 13 people were killed by a gunman in 2009.

Jalloh served in the National Guard from 2009 to 2015. He was honorably discharged.

We need to seal our borders, but we also need to realize that there are terrorists already here.