Letting Your True Colors Show

The Republican establishment is having a hard time nationally. They have decided on numerous candidates for President, and none of them have gotten much traction. John Kasich is the latest incarnation of that effort and does not seem to be resonating, so they may actually be warming to Donald Trump. As I have said, I am not a Trump supporter, but would vote for him before I would vote for Hillary.

North Carolina is also having a fight between the establishment and the grass roots. However, in this case, a group calling itself the grass roots actually represents the establishment. Last year at the GOP Convention, the attendees elected Hasan Harnett as the party chairman. He was not the choice of the NCGOP establishment, and they have attempted to make his life miserable at every opportunity since–to the point of locking him out of his email and office and then complaining that he is not doing his job. Well, tomorrow it comes to a head. There is a meeting in Raleigh to determine the fate of Hasan Harnett. The meeting was called by the North Carolina GOP Central Committee, a group that according to the Plan of Operation is supposed to be subservient to the GOP Executive Committee (evidently the Central Committee never read that part of the plan). Incidentally, the meeting was called on a day that it was known that Hasan Harnett would be out of the country and not able to defend himself. His schedule was made known to the Central Committee in January.

The Senate and House Republicans met recently in Raleigh to discuss the issue. The Daily Haymaker posted the story yesterday.

The article reports:

Sources tell me Woodhouse encouraged all members to show up and vote on Saturday.  Said one source:

“He reminded us to do it this weekend while we still had a vote.  He said we won’t have one under the new plan of organization.”

The reaction from the audience?  Said another source:

”Not a whole lot was said in response to what Woodhouse spoke about.  When this meeting was winding down, Woodhouse offered to stay a little longer to give people additional information and answer questions.  Out of the whole group — House and Senate — I’d say twenty to twenty-five hung around to hear more from him. Most people I’ve talked to said they are going nowhere near that meeting on Saturday. ”

I am told that Woodhouse has made a certain pledge to people about the aftermath of Saturday’s vote.  Said one source who has conversed directly with Woodhouse:

“[Dallas] has said that even if Harnett survives the vote on Saturday, they are still not going to let him back in the office or give him his email back or any of that stuff. The pettiness is going to continue.”

I hate to be difficult, but it doesn’t sound as if Hasan Harnett is the problem or is the one that needs to be removed. If the Republicans at Saturday’s meeting have any sense of decency at all, they will remove Dallas Woodhouse and anyone else who has been working with him in this effort. This is a kangaroo court that needs to be shut down immediately so the party can get on with the business of electing Republicans!