Making a Difference–One Life At A Time

This is the story of a woman who is making a difference:

A Women’s Touch, Ending Slavery

Slavery? Does it still exist? Are you asking yourself that question? My personal experience will answer with a resounding, YES! Human trafficking, modern day slavery, is a great evil that is alive with an estimated 32 million people being enslaved around the world. It has been called the crisis of our time, as the vulnerabilities of innocent women and children are being exploited. What can a woman do to combat such vile atrocities against our own?

Open Our Eyes

In the winter of 2011 my dear friend, Jen, had just returned from a Joyce Meyer conference. She just could not get over what she heard and so she shared with me her heart concerns. Over 800,000 people are transported through Greece every year to be sold as slaves. Greece truly tugged at my heart, I had traveled there many times to see family (my husband’s family is still on the island of Chios) and partner in missions to refugees. My quick response to Jen’s concern was for us to GO do something about it! This minivan driving mom with three kids and an adored husband, was on a mission! My eyes were being opened and little did I know there was no turning around……


The adventure began immediately, as a dynamic team of 8 women came together from North and South Carolina to began a journey of a lifetime. We started with a strategy, PRAYER! We mapped out streets and began a commitment to prayer walk with focused intention, to transform our hearts and minds into a deeper love for all those we will meet, to set captives free and let’s be honest, to be PROTECTED! Our passionate and fearless perspective was rooted in our calling and in the mighty God we serve. We were ready to encounter the evil and to bring light and hope for the trafficked women in the brothels of Athens.

The streets were dark, drug infested and it was in one of those dingy, crowded brothels that I met face to face barely clothed women, some even mothers, dazed, distraught, and feeling helpless. I gave out hot coffee, prayed with them and offered them a chance for freedom. It was also in those same brothels that I encountered the power of answered prayer as miracles unfolded before my eyes; culminating with the ultimate freedom of one of one beautiful 16-year-old girl we ministered too, Maria.


Freedom began running through my veins and the power of Christ’s loving guidance was setting captives free!

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” — Harriet Tubman

I dreamed and founded True Justice International (TJI) which became a 501(c)(3) in 2012. Our mission is to execute True Justice on a local, state, national and global scale. We work diligently raising awareness in communities and churches, promoting prevention programs in schools, along with offering free counseling and mentoring services to those who have been exploited. From our work this past over 20 people were placed in safety from trafficking situations, 300 people removed from situations of exploitation and five thousand youth and young adults were educated. TJI also has a safe house in Honduras where we care for 11 little girls, all recovering from sex trafficking. These girls now have hope and a new life.

Our goal over the next several months is to open a safe house in the eastern part of the United States to serve US citizens and internationals trafficked into the US. There is an urgent need!

William Willberforce, a great English abolitionist and statesman who carried the mantel to eradicate the African slave trade, outlined three things that people can do to end slavery.

1. Prayer

2. Awareness

3. Giving


We are women making history. Just like Harriet Tubman, we are women who seek to love beyond ourselves. Join us today as a monthly partner or TEXT to give a one- time donation (252) 313-9047. EVERY GIFT COUNTS!

Like our True Justice International Facebook page or check out our website and become apart of our movement that is impacting the end of slavery.

Sarah Tellis

CEO and Founder of True Justice International