Where Some Of The Terrorists Came From

Yahoo News is reporting today that one of the men involved in the Paris attacks registered as a refugee with Greek authorities in October. Another man involved had registered as a refugee in Greece in August.

This is the danger of taking in Syrian refugees. Syria is a failed state–there is no way to vet the refugees. Also, the number of refugees seeking asylum makes it very difficult to check anyone thoroughly. This is a terrorist network’s dream.

Meanwhile, last week CBC News reported that President Obama is seeking to speed up the vetting process of allowing Syrian refugees into the United States. I hope what happened in Paris last night will cause him to reconsider.

All Muslims are not terrorists, but given the current state of things, it would be much safer to allow the Christian refugees from the Middle East to enter America. They would be much more adaptable to our customs and much more likely to assimilate. I think the time has come for the peaceful Islamic countries in the Middle East to take in the Islamic refugees from Syria. It would be a much more comfortable fit. The refugees would assimilate easily into the Muslim culture in Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., etc. It is time those countries stepped up to help their fellow Muslims.