Another Voyage Into The Law Of Unintended Consequences

Yesterday Mark Impomeni at the Daily Caller posted an interesting article about President Obama’s State of the Union Speech.  As you remember, this was the first State of the Union Speech where Democrats and Republicans sat together rather than on separate side of the chamber (described by some as Prom Dates). 

The stated purpose of the seating was to show unity after the attack on Representative Giffords.  Those of us who tend to be a little cynical felt that the change in seating was so that the extent of the Democrat loss in the November elections would be less obvious. 

Mr. Impomeni observes:

“The seating arrangement contributed to an uncharacteristically restrained audience for the speech, which when combined with a lackluster performance from the president, ended up killing one of President Obama’s best chances to make the case for his agenda.”

Last year’s State of the Union Speech (with Congressmen and Congresswomen in their respective ‘corners’) was interrupted by applause more than 100 times.  This year there were only 70 interruptions.  It may have been more civil (fewer standing ovations, interruptions by applause, etc.), but it was a whole lot less fun.