A Different Perspective On The Last Days Of This Congress

Heritage.org posted an article on Tuesday about some of the antics currently going on in the outgoing Congress. 

The article points out that the compromise points the Republicans agreed to in the tax deal are bad policy (reinstating the death tax (at 35% with a $5 million threshold), 13 more months of non-offset unemployment benefits, and a temporary 2 percentage point reduction in the payroll tax to replace the failed “Make-Work-Pay” stimulus tax policy). 

The article states:

“Heritage has long opposed any return of the death tax, which is bad for small business and wrong on principle. The unemployment benefits are not only bad for job growth but increase spending at a time when we need to be reducing it, and, as economists have long recognized, perpetuate long-term unemployment. As for temporary tax holidays, they have proven to be completely ineffective.”

The article further points out:

“Congressional Democrats were busy plotting a last-gasp massive spending surge back on Capitol Hill. Written by the Senate Democratic majority in backrooms, a draft omnibus spending is circulating that will fund all federal government agencies not just through fiscal year (FY) 2011 but into 2012 as well. Heritage Foundation Distinguished Fellow Ernest Istook details the spending spree:

  • Handcuffs the ability of newly elected Representatives and Senators to de-fund Obamacare
  • Restricts the new Congress’s leverage to rescind unused “stimulus” and TARP spending
  • Has the outgoing Congress dictate spending for more than the usual one year
  • Bypasses the normal appropriations process of public committee votes, floor debates, and the ability to offer amendments on the floor of the House and Senate.”

First of all–is it legal for this Congress to fund the government into 2012?  Are we in danger of a government shutdown as a result of this reach? 

I don’t like to admit this, and I guess it isn’t really news, but I simply do not trust the Democrats in charge right now.  They have bent the rules too many times to suit their own purpose with no regard for public opinion or what is best for the country.  I see no reason to believe that their current behavior is any different than their past behavior.  Remember that healthcare was pushed through by means of some serious manipulation of the rules.  I realize that the new Congress does not take office until January, but they need to exert their influence now.  As my husband recently pointed out, in the time between election day 2008 and Inauguration Day 2009, President Obama created the official seal of the “President-elect” and began to attempt to influence public policy.  The Congress-elect needs to follow his example!