Unbelievable Chutzpah

The Fox News Liveshots Blog reported yesterday on the request by Sharif El-Gamal, the head of SOHO Properties, the developers of the Ground Zero Mosque, for federal taxpayer money to help him build the controversial and contentious project.  The funds are designated to help lower Manhattan recover from the 9-11 terrorist attacks.  Wait a minute–I thought the people who supported the construction of this mosque said that it wasn’t part of ground zero (it was–part of the landing gear of one of the airplanes crashed through the roof of the building).

The request is for $5 million in federal money.  According to El-Gamal, the money would be used for “social service programs….such as domestic violence prevention, Arabic and other foreign language classes, programs and services for homeless veterans, two multi-cultural arts exhibits and immigration services.”  I have a problem with this statement–it is well known that in sharia law a husband is permitted to beat his wife–that fact was used in the defense of a Muslim husband in New Jersey.  If it is legal to beat your wife, what is domestic violence prevention?

The article reports:

“(Congressman Peter) King also notes that the reported $5 million request represents nearly one-third of all the $17 million that is now available. 265 groups have applied for the funding.”

Let’s see–Muslim terrorists destroyed the area and now a Muslim group wants American taxpayer money to build a monument to their victory on the site (see the historic record on where Muslims build mosques and what they represent).  If anyone approves the taxpayer money going to this project, they deserve to be impeached or fired, whichever applies.