Some Perspective On Recent World Events

It’s been a rough week for many of us. We have watched Russia invade Ukraine (after very little fuss was made about the fact that Russia has already taken over Crimea), we have watched unspeakable acts of terrorism by ISIS, and some of us have wondered exactly what the role of the United States should be in all of this. The Canada Free Press posted an article today that might provide some perspective.

Do you remember the Frank Capra movie, “It’s A Wonderful Life?” The basic premise of the movie is that the main character, George Bailey, experiencing many of the stresses of life, wonders if the world would be a better place if he had never been born. The author of the article in the Canada Free Press applies that concept to America.

The article states:

I wonder if the world is currently having an It’s a Wonderful Life experience.  There have always been challenges on the world stage and it was fashionable to blame the United States for most of them.  We were accused of interventionism, imperialism, brinksmanship and bellicosity among other sins.  Some, even in our own country, stated openly that if the United States would just stay out of the world’s business, we could all coexist happily and peacefully.  The natural conclusion was that the world would be better off if the United States had never been born.

And now, thanks to the hapless, incoherent and inept foreign policy this nation is currently following, the world is able to see exactly what happens without the active engagement of the United States.

The author concludes:

For years, many inside and outside this country complained about America taking on the job of the world’s policeman.  Like a policeman, the United States reminded all that disorder, lawlessness and violence would not be tolerated, that someone was always watching, that there would be consequences for aggressive acts.  This authority made some uncomfortable.  But a world without the United States, like a community without a policeman, is dark, hopeless – sure to be overwhelmed by villainy and consumed by chaos.

The movie has a happy ending.  George Bailey realizes he is indispensable to a community that is happy, orderly and safe.  We can only hope the United States also has a second chance to resume its position as an indispensable member of the free nations of the globe.  In the meantime, the world gets to see what life is like without us.

The election in November will determine whether or not our current state of affairs has a happy ending. It is up to the voters of America to elect people who can counter the haplessness of this President.