The Final Debate For The Third Congressional District Seat In Massachusetts

I just attended the final debate between the candidates for the Third Congressional District seat in Massachusetts.  The debate was hosted by the Northborough Tea Party.  The moderator for the debate was Hand Stolz, host of the radio program “Wake up, Worcester.”   As is the case with all Tea Party events, the debate began with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.  That was in contrast to the League of Women voters debate which did not even have a flag displayed.

I have never been involved in politics before, and there are a lot of things I don’t really understand.  The previous debates I have attended have had sign holders outside, but there has always been a friendly relationship between the different supporters.  This debate was a little different.  First of all, the supporters of Congressman McGovern blocked off the parking lot so that supporters of other candidates were forced to find parking across the street.  Next, during the time when people were getting seated in preparation for the debate, the McGovern sign holders took up positions outside the windows behind where the candidates were seated, creating a distraction for anyone in the audience.  They stayed there until the police asked them to leave.  I have not seen that behavior in any of the other debates I have attended, so I really have no idea what it was all about.

All three candidates took part in the debate–Pat Barron, Marty Lamb, and Jim McGovern.  The moderator managed the format and the debate very well, so each candidate was able to state clearly his positions on various issues.  The positions were those that have been mentioned in previous articles on this site ( 

Generally speaking, Congressman McGovern stated his support for the United States continuing its role in the United Nations, Pat Barron felt that we needed to reevaluate our relationship with the United Nations and Marty Lamb felt that the United Nations was no longer the organization it was intended to be and that we should end our membership in it.  Congressman McGovern declared, “I am a liberal democrat,” and made no apologies for that.  He defended his vote on Obamacare and said that it would create jobs.  When told by candidate Lamb that the penalty on small businesses who could not afford to provide healthcare for their employees would keep small businesses from hiring, Congressman McGovern stated that he felt that those small businesses would be eligible for government subsidies.  In a nutshell, Congressman McGovern’s answer to almost every problem was more government money and more government involvement.

The choice is clear for the voters in Massachusetts Third Congressional District.  If you want continued growth of government and government spending, re-elect Jim McGovern.  If you want smaller government and fiscal responsibility, elect Marty Lamb.  If you want to re-elect Jim McGovern without voting for him, vote for Pat Barron.