Directly Quoted From National Review Online

What appears below is directly quoted from Mark Steyn at National Review Online:

Tamping down enthusiasm   [Mark Steyn]

I’ve been getting a bunch of emails from readers at Governor Palin’s rally in Florida, which appears to be of zero interest to the press:

I went to the Palin rally in Tampa this morning.  Tons of people there – (?? 15-20k?)
But I was interested to look at the media pen after reading your previous post. I don’t know what to compare it to – and it is Sunday – but as you had alluded to before it was a ghost town.  There were many tables set up for media to sit with their laptops, etc….  I saw two laptops and one other guy with a blackberry.  Other than that there may have been one or two photographers there…… that’s it.
Hasselbeck was great and she started out by saying how nice it was for her to get to talk for 5 min without being interrupted!

Another reader tells me Governor Palin called him “Barack the Spreader“. You go, girl!