Irony, Anyone?

There are two seemingly unrelated stories in the news right now that are interesting to look at for a preview of what a Barack Obama presidency would be like.  The first is from the American Thinker dealing with what happened when a reporter asked Joe Biden hard questions.  The reaction of the Obama-Biden campaign was fairly typical of Democrat political machines, but it’s interesting in light of the fact that the questions were not all that out of line with questions an average American would ask.  The second has a great deal of irony surrounding it.  The story is from The Columbus Dispatch stating that government computers were used to gather background information on Joe the Plumber.  It’s amazing to me that the party that was going to protect us from the Patriot Act because they objected to ordinary citizens possibly being investigated without proper legal procedures has taken the time to do just that to someone who asked the wrong question.  They were willing to give terrorists more privacy rights than they themselves have given to an ordinary citizen.  Enjoy your freedom of speech–the people who would like to run this country do not see the First Amendment as applying to everyone equally.