I Thought The Democrats Denied This Just Last Week

John Fund posted an article in today’s Wall Street Journal about the plans for the lame-duck session of Congress to convene after the November election. 

The article reports:

“This week, the House voted down a resolution opposing a lame-duck session to tackle hot button issues such as new taxes and climate change. Even though six Democrats joined Republicans in voting against considering such legislation before the new Congress is seated, Majority Leader Harry Reid has announced the Senate will nonetheless return on November 15, then take a Thanksgiving break, then come back for more business on November 29, with no specified target date for adjournment.”

The Democrats are planning “one of the most significant lame-duck sessions in the history of the United States.”  The possible agenda includes climate change, increased taxes, and potentially any other items that could not be rammed through before the election.

The name of the John Fund article is, “You Vote, They Don’t Listen.”  That seems to be where we are right now.  

The only way to deal with this is to keep track of anyone who votes for any of this extreme legislation in the lame-duck session and to make sure that that person is voted out of office at the earliest possible opportunity.  Not only are the voters’ wishes being ignored, Congress has chosen to flaunt the fact that the will of the voters does not matter.  It is time to remind all of them who pays their salary.