Preparing For The Winter Olympics

The 2014 Winter Olympics will be held in Sochi, Russia. The amazing part of that is that Sochi has a sub-tropical climate with low temperatures in January averaging 49 degrees. However, there is a nearby cluster of mountains that will provide the venue for winter snow sports. However, security may be a concern.

Today CBN News reported a second terrorist attack in Volgograd, a city just 400 miles from the site of the Winter Olympics. Volgograd is a key hub for transportation in the area of the Winter Olympics.

The article reports:

Recently a terrorist leader called for attacks against civilian targets in Russia, including at the winter olympics. The attacks have raised security fears for the safety of travelers headed to the games in Sochi in February.

Christopher Swift, Georgetown University Adjunct Professor of National Security Studies said, “I think the Russian government has something to fear and that is the potential loss of face, the potential embarrassment to them if this terrorist syndicate is able to pull off one or more major terrorist events.”

Volgograd is an important train link from Moscow to Sochi. Both cities are located near the unstable North Caucasus region where Islamic terrorists have been fighting a brutal rebellion for the past two decades.

We need to remember that terrorists do not care about injuring or killing innocent people. The Winter Olympics would be an ideal place for them to strike. I hope the Russian security people are able to protect the lives of the Olympic athletes.


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